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PCA1B 211-1472-M065ZD
PCA1B 211-1472-M065ZD
PCA1B 211-1472-M065ZD
PCA1B 211-1472-M065ZD

PCA1B 211-1472-M065ZD

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This rectangular kleenex box is minutely cut down and well polished forming simple, practical, yet very elegant for the safe keeping of your tissues paper .


At first, a box of tissues paper is hardly decorative, but how to do without?
At home or in the office, it is essential !!

That's why our master craftsmen have created this box of camouflage, smart and practical but especially very elegant to accompany you in your daily life.

Made from speckled cedar wood with a flawless finish, this rectangular box has a sliding system that allows you to put the tissue box in place and close it easily.


Moroccocraft2B ,your expert in decorative objects and crafts introduces for lovers of Moroccan crafts this Kleneex cedar-based box.

This box, like all items in cedar wood, exudes a pleasant exotic fragrance that will eventually seduce you.

Elegant and refined, far from disturbing your living room or your office, it will add a very decorative warm note.

*****************IMPORTANT REMARK ***********************

Like any handmade object , all items are slightly different from each other because the color varies from a rich, lustrous golden brown to nearly black. The eyes, perfectly round, are scattered about in some burls in bird's-eye maple ; in others they are grouped as islands.

Consequently the photos on the listing are approximately and faithfully describing the items  .

 This is not considered defects, but part of the charm of this beautiful handmade articles.



- Box made by hand.

- Robust material.

- A flawless finish.

Measurements :

  • Weight                    : 0.862  Kg    
  • Packing Weight      : 2 Kg            
  • Length :  25.8 cm      
  • Width  : 14.5 cm     
  • Height : 9 cm   



The packaging made is neat and robust. Your decorative items from Moroccan crafts are first wrapped in bubble wrap and several layers of protective elements depending on the nature of your home decor object. Then, are carefully packaged to be put in cardboard or box. We pay special attention to securely secure your items purchased from our online store.

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