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GCA1B 227-1449-M060A
GCA1B 227-1449-M060A

GCA1B 227-1449-M060A

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This jewelry box is as beautiful as it is hand-crafted by a mixture of cedar roots and trunks.

Its rectangular shape and two compartments have been studied to contain your jewelry in an orderly way.

Also, for an easy opening and for the protection of the objects contained in the box, the lid opens thanks to a lateral hinge.


This small thuya wooden box is  handcrafted by Moroccan master craftsmen from Essaouira.

This box  will be useful for storing all your little accessories.

Its square shape gives it an original oriental appearance. With a unique look, this beautiful box  allows  secure storage of your little accessories.

The cedar wood, with which it is made, is characterized by a characteristic fragrance that is often worked with lemon tree.


With thuja little box , the storage will have no secret for you!

Both decorative and practical, this box  are the accessories you miss.

The box "Small Box"  will easily find their place in your Moroccan living room or modern room and will add a nice artistic and oriental touch.

Place it on a corner table, chest of drawers, or bedside table in your bedroom so you have the accessories you can not do without.

 *****************IMPORTANT REMARK ***********************

Like any handmade object , all items are slightly different from each other because the color varies from a rich, lustrous golden brown to nearly black. The eyes, perfectly round, are scattered about in some burls in bird's-eye maple ; in others they are grouped as islands.

Consequently the photos on the listing are approximately and faithfully describing the items  .

 This is not considered defects, but part of the charm of this beautiful handmade articles.



- Box made by hand in cedar wood.

- The opening is easy.

- Box  with traditional and oriental design.

 Measurements :

  • Weight                   : 0.552 Kg      
  • Packing Weight     : 2 Kg          
  • Length : 18 cm     
  • Width  : 12.1 cm      
  • Height : 6 cm       


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