PRODUCT : TURNING BOX 7.08 x 7.08 x 2.75 in


  This beautiful box wonders at LITTLE PRICE is  coming from the marquetry of Essaouira, this awesome article has been hand-crafted by the great master craftsmen of the region.

Price  : $ 10.49 /  104.9 Dhs


 This  magical cedar decorative object is hand made entirely of thuja wood .

 Highly appreciated, cedar is an exotic wood, very durable, with a tight grain and an amber color, veined or mottled. It keeps its delicate and unique scent for years and years.

This unique box, in solid cedar, carefully selected from the best selection of cedar woods, has a neat finish (its corners are rounded by manual polishing).

The traditional know-how and the creative spirit of its craftsmen were combined to make this object a decorative marvel, both practical and design.

 Use it as a secret piggy bank!

With a clever design, this article opens by rotating the upper plate of the housing while revealing, around a central axis, four square storage drawers that open fan.

This magix wooden box opens by pivoting the top layer on a central axe,  which then exposes 4 square drawers which open in a fan fashion.


This magic box can serve for any number of usages! Let your imagination flow!

A secret box for hiding money for example. With its mind boggling, sneaky way of being open it offers a great hiding place.

This cedar box will allow you to store all kinds of objects: from dried fruits for the greediest to sewing box for needles, buttons and other pins ....

Installed on the desk, it will keep the paper clips, eraser and sharpener. Enjoy its pleasant well finished touch several times a day!

The secret box of cedar: a discreet, practical and intelligent storage, with a sweet and delicate scent. An ideal gift for any age!

*****************IMPORTANT REMARK ********************

Like any handmade object , all items are slightly different from each other because the color varies from a rich, lustrous golden brown to nearly black. The eyes, perfectly round, are scattered about in some burls in bird's-eye maple ; in others they are grouped as islands.

Consequently the photos on the listing are approximately and faithfully describing the items  .

 This is not considered defects, but part of the charm of this beautiful handmade articles.



-Box designed by hand.

-decorative and chic design.

- Low price handmade box.

-Pratical storage box.

-Box with magic features

  • Weight                   : 0.872 Kg    -  1.922 lb
  • Packing Weight     : 2 Kg            -   4.41 lb
  • Length : 18 cm      -  7.086 in
  • Width  :  18 cm      -  7.089 in
  • Height :    7 cm     -  2.755 in


The packaging made is neat and robust. Your decorative items from Moroccan crafts are first wrapped in bubble wrap and several layers of protective elements depending on the nature of your home decor object. Then, are carefully packaged to be put in cardboard or box. We pay special attention to securely secure your items purchased from our online store.


The delivery of your decorative items is done directly via Poste Maroc (Colis Postaux-Colis prioritaires).

PostColis Prio is an international courier , relatively inexpensive offer that consists of the expedition parcels up to 30 kg to 210 countries in the world in a period exceeding  j + 5. 
Transit time 8 to 20 days depending on destination. Europe: 8 to 15 business days / USA & Canada : 10 to 17 b.days. 


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