PRODUCT : OCTAGONAL BOX 6.3 x 6.3 x 2.56 in


This octagonal box is handmade from cedar wood by our great Moroccan master craftsmen based in Essaouire the Kingdom of Thuya in the world.

OctagoBox will serve as practical and clever storage for your jewelry and accessories.

Price  : $ 11.10  111 Dhs


This thuya octagon-shaped wooden jewelry box contains 3 items inside to hold rings, earrings or other small jewels.

Our craftsmen take care of the quality of the wood with which each item is made, the finish is irreproachable and gives this jewelry box a pleasant softness to the touch. In addition, a pattern is carefully drawn mother-of-pearl on the lid of this cedar box, a material much sought after in the field of decoration.

 The thuja is this exotic tree that stands out for its refined texture and pleasant scent.

In the marquetry adorning the lid of this box, our great Moroccan master craftsmen have found the perfect match between these two materials, roots and trunks of cedar, to make an original jewelry box or confidential valuables.


In addition to its usefulness, Octago-Box will add a nice oriental touch to your home decor. Remember to place it on your dresser or bedside table in your bedroom to put your jewelry at your disposal.

This perfect blend of these two materials makes this jewelery box a unique item that will work wonders in your home. Thus, it will allow you to better find the different jewels thus arranged in a practical way.

 *****************IMPORTANT REMARK ***********************

Like any handmade object , all items are slightly different from each other because the color varies from a rich, lustrous golden brown to nearly black. The eyes, perfectly round, are scattered about in some burls in bird's-eye maple ; in others they are grouped as islands.

Consequently the photos on the listing are approximately and faithfully describing the items  .

 This is not considered defects, but part of the charm of this beautiful handmade articles.



- Box made by hand.

- Robust material.

- A flawless finish.

Measurements :

  • Weight                   : 0.514 Kg     -  1.133 lb
  • Packing Weight     : 2 Kg            -   4.41 lb
  • Length :  16 cm        -  6.299 in
  • Width  :   16 cm       -  6.299 in
  • Height :   6.5 cm     -   2.56 in
  • Side    :    6.5 cm    -   2.56 in


The packaging made is neat and robust. Your decorative items from Moroccan crafts are first wrapped in bubble wrap and several layers of protective elements depending on the nature of your home decor object. Then, are carefully packaged to be put in cardboard or box. We pay special attention to securely secure your items purchased from our online store.


The delivery of your decorative items is done directly via Poste Maroc (Colis Postaux-Colis prioritaires).

PostColis Prio is an international courier , relatively inexpensive offer that consists of the expedition parcels up to 30 kg to 210 countries in the world in a period exceeding  j + 5. 
Transit time 8 to 20 days depending on destination. Europe: 8 to 15 business days / USA & Canada : 10 to 17 b.days. 


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