Essaouire the city of the Thuya wood

Essaouira, coastal city of Morocco, is well known for its artisanal woodwork of cedar, wood with a characteristic scent and often worked with lemon.

The art of marquetry appeared at the beginning of the nineteenth century in Morocco, and the sultans called on artisans to make decorative objects, furniture or musical instruments ...

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Marquetry consists in gluing a mosaic of precious wood onto a carpentry background, where remains of shells such as mother-of-pearl or filaments of silver-plated metal become embedded. It is also decorated with floral ornaments or geometric figures.

In Essaouira, craftsmanship in thuya wood comes in many forms: boxes, jewelry boxes, games, tables, pots, ...

The craftsmen, of souiri origin (inhabitants of Essaouira) for the most part, excel at working this wood (which tends to burst easily), to bring out the veining of the wood and to make it smooth and shiny by a fine polishing then a manual varnishing using the tampon technique.

In Essaouira, many craftsmen perpetuate this work by cleverly mixing Thuya, Lime wood, Cedar wood, seashells, floral ornaments that give objects a luxury refinement for the pleasure of the eyes and the touch.


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