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How long does MoroccoCraft2B need to prepare and ship my order?

What's the handling time ?

To which countries can I send my orders?

What are the shipping costs and the delivery time?

Does MoroccoCraft2B offer package tracking?

What is included in the shipping charges?

How should you proceed when receiving a shipment?

Why do use Poste Maroc as shipper ?

What will be the shipping method on ebay for GOLD plan products ?


How do I know if the item is in stock?

How much products can I sell ?

What's CSV file ?

Are there products other than wooden ones ?


Why do you charge for membership?

Why your PLUS plan seems to be quite expensive ?

Can I cancel my membership ?

How to make payment of recurrent subscription (monthly basis) ?

What's happened when I cancel my membership ?

Payment through my credit card is required when I submit for subscription !!

What's PayPal recurring membership applied at your platform and how does it work ?

What is the difference between synchronized inventory and blocked or dedicated one ?

Orders transactions

What happens if you notice that you need to make a change after placing an order?

How to cancel an order?